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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." there could be more fall outis in the misconduct case against the anne arundel county executive. why the police chief could find himself in the hot seat. a accident or foul play? investigators trying to figure out what happened to a 4-year-
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old boy. and we have are look live at the inner harbor. sun has risen and it's monday march 5th. thanks for joining us. hope awed great weekend. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. weather is the story in news. what we are dealing with closer to home. let's get a answer from lynette charles. >> good morning. yes, we dealing with maybe a responsibility for -- possibility for snow but we will have sunshine tomorrow and a warmup on the way. but in the meantime, i. don't want to fool people. we are starting to see the cloud on the increase. you can see the big storm system wrapping up that is a clipper system sliding to the south. if it moves further to the north we could get in on some snow as we go through the rest of the morning. and there are the clouds trying to creep in across the area. so i will caught it mostly cloudy especially as we go into the afternoon. but for right now, temperatures coming in right around 27 in sykesville and we are cold out there. make sure to bundle up as you head out and about. 33 in sparrows point and 30s in
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northeast chestertown and centerville. let's check the traffic angela. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. for the monday morning drive following a couple accidents noon some of the major roads. southbound 95 at 32. slow traffic behind a crash there. also traveling on outer loop east side of 695 as you approach the bw parkway, you will see an accident. fortunately the east side is still a little light for this time of morning. so no major backups there. let's get a live look at traffic flow for those of you traveling on 895. not too bad the southbound lanes clog up a little as you approach the toll plaza. same for i-95 heading to the fort mchenry tunnel and atypical for this time of morning on west side of 695. as being see the outer loop lanes are heavy on the left side of the screen making the drive past frederick road. now back over to you. >> thanks. today more fallout could from from the inindictment -- from the indictment of john lee pod that -- leopold that could put the county police chief in the hot seat. linda so is standing by to
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explain what's expected to happen today. >> reporter: the fraternal order of police will meet to decide if police chief james teare should step down. he is accused by some of not take enough action after learning the allegation of the leopold. he is accused of misconduct if office. the state prosecutor says leopold used his executive detail which is funded by taxpayers, to drive him to parking lots and wait while he got into another car and had sex with a county employee. the indictment alleges he made security drive him to locations where he could steal campaign signs from the competitor in 2010. the indictment claims the security complained to the superiors including the police chief. >> it's my understanding the drivers their supervisors and others went to the chief himself and went to others in the chain of command and they were reporting this behavior on a consistent basis and waiting for some relief. >> reporter: the police chief
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released a statement saying "i have no intention to resign and i am going to continue to serve anne arundel county like i have for the past 25 years. leopold is vowing to fight the charges in court and says he has no plans to step down. linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:35. the search for a missing new mexico boy has sent authorize to a deep well. police say the cameras confirm the body of a child at the bottom 6 a 30-foot deep hole and believe it to be a 4-year- old samuel jones reported missing from his home next door. that was saturday. police do not know how the body ended up in the well. in portland, oregon a good samaritan is credited with saving a man's life e pulled a man from freezing river oval physicians say hypothermia could have set in if he hadn't responded so quickly. man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. video of a helicopter crash landing in arizona.
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police say the chopper which was doing a television shoot crashed near a airport. engine failed causing it to plunge. no one was hurt in the accident. here we go again gas prices continuing to climb. yeah -- >> yeah. how much we are paying and who experts say is to blame for the hike. do you have 436 messages in your inbox? that's a precise number 436? what you may want to know about e-mail overload. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues. 4:36. >> that's a -- 436. >> that's a lot. [ indistinct conversations, laughter ] ♪ [ female announcer ] all the hopping. all the squirming. all to their delight. kids don't worry about getting dirty. and with all oxi-active, neither do moms.
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from the harbor school, good morning maryland." gas prices continue their rapid rise this morning. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded now stands at 3.76 up 8 cents in the past week and 27 cents more than this time last year. several factors are
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contributing to the increase. among them they are saying that one of the reasons soaring oil price and rising tensions in iran which could lead to a destruction in all the oil supplies. and now to give you a comparison of prices in other cities accord being to aaa drivers in the baltimore area paying about 3.68 a gallon for regular unleaded and doon detroit the price is 3.90. however tulsa oklahoma a gallon of 3.52. all right. now how many e-mails do you have in your box. 436? if it's too many a baltimore company may have an answer to help you out. 410 labs shortened the way we send e-mails. every message limited to 500 characters or less allowing for concise direct messages and spam and e newsletter and other automated messages have to go somewhere else. we are 20ments away from 7. -- minutes away from 7. 30 degrees. abc2 news to go is ahead. >> reporter: new information this morning after a 13-year- old girl was found dead in
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north east considering -- baltimore. jury selection begins today five years after 33 students and faculity were mereddered at -- murdered at virginia teem tech. and a live report from indiana. this morning communities from five different states begin the long painful process of rebuilding after a weekend and a rash of devastating tornadoes. and all is wideet here at home but -- quiet here at home but there's a chance for snow in the forecast. details coming up. >> reporter: an accident on the east side of the beltway and delays on the west side and, of course, we will check all of our other roadways and let you know about that monday morning drivewhen we return. ♪ let me get
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monday morning this is the abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. we are dealing with the fact we have some sunshine out there this morning and going into the afternoon we have a chance for rain showers. but before the rain showers get here, yes, we could be seeing snow. but right now temperatures cold enough to support the snow.
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we can see them in the upper 20s in northville and sykesville. over in ijamsville bel air around 27 degrees as well. but this is what we look like on maryland's most powerful radar with most of the snow now up to the north and west around altuna and we have some advisories into the area winter weather advisories and even more winter weather advisories as we head further into the south and to west virginia and also into virginia. and they could be receiving up to 1 to 4 inches of snow. and let's check the traffic with and l.a. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. on the monday morning drive, busy out there especially on the west side. traveling on the east side, on 695, the accident in the outer loop at the bw parkway crews are there moved it off to the shoulder. but still a little bit of slowing for rubber necking delays of course as you -- pass the accident. outer loop from 759 make through the catonsville region passing baltimore national pike of the starting to pick up a little for those of you heading
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into downtown. 95 northbound seeing sluggish traffic as well as north bound 295 on the bw parkway from 95 heading over to 395. it's a bit slow to conway street. now back over to you. an indiana community remains devastated after a tornado ripped through the town last weekend. let's go live to julie from the scripps station south of indianapolis with a live report. sunrise just a few minutes away julie. >> reporter: well, right now we can tell you that the tornadoes that rolled through southern indiana left 13 people dead. most recent was 15 month old little girl who was found alone in a field. she pass aid way on sunday. now take a look behind me. this is just one of the many businesses damaged in southern indiana. this was an auto repair shot. it's across the street from a school that was also heavily damaged. there are so many homes that were just wiped off the foundations. and scattered throughout the
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area in clark county indiana north of louisville south of indianapolis. indiana state troopers say they have not been able to go through and figure out exactly how many homes were damaged. today, the focus is going object on -- to be on getting volunteers. first they have to make sure they have enough of the electrical lines out of the way and they want to make sure there are no natural gas leaks because obviously they don't want to cause more probablemembers leams. we have a -- problems. we have a fresh coating of snow. cold temperatures that makes the cleanup -- makes the cleanup efforts more difficulty. >> thanks. from the station in indianapolis outside indianapolis. thanks so much for the time. -- is the place to go for everything on the storm. we have storm spotters. you can watch up to the second results from the storms once
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again, tornadoes alley live go to abc2 news.con and find tornado -- abc # news -- university officials and police will be questioned in a civil trial. university officials said they act appropriately. 33 students and if a kilt died in the shooting. -- facility died in the shooting. hasan was scheduled to go to trial today but defense attorneys questioned the change to give them more time to prepare. hasan is charged with 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder all from the attack dating back to november 2009. 6:48. we have new information in the developing story after a 13- year-old girl was found dead in a northeast baltimore home on sunday outside of the home she was found in the backyard. sherrie johnson is here with the details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: there's a lot of unanswered questions but we
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have learned that the 13-year- old girl's name was monet turningan. her a -- turnage. the autopsy will be performed today. the body was found in the 1600 block of cliffview avenue in northeast baltimore. the body was covered with plastic trash bags in the backyard of a home. police say she had obvious signs of trauma but they are not saying how she died. she was pronounced dead at scene. family members reported her missing 1 a.m. on sunday. she said she was going skating but never returned home. officers knocked on doors to get information in the area. the crime lab was on the scene last night looking for any clues in this investigation. >> for whatever reason, she was found out here. obviously she didn't walk out by herself and just die. so we are hoping anybody that may have seen anything suspicious and anybody saw anybody carrying her up the alley to give detectives a call. now if you have any
6:50 am
information on this investigation, call baltimore homicide detectives at 410-396- 2100. they are not saying if she had a connection to the neighborhood where she was found. her body was found a block away from where shawn johnson was shot and killed on his front porch last may. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a 3-year-old left behind atchuck e. cheese is back home safely. deputies were called after 8 after employee noticed no one appeared to be watching harmony. authorities believe she may have gone with a large group or family members to a party and everyone thought she was with someone else. her parents saw the 11:00 news report and called police. no charges have ex-- are expected to be charged. new this morning maryland congressman dutch ruppeersburger says he is worried about the dangers that iran poses. iran is likely tonight central focus when israeli prime
6:51 am
minister benjamin netanyahu visits with president obama at white house. ruppeersburger spoke yesterday on ctn state of the union. >> we have to remember that -- cnn state of the union. >> we have to remember it's about iran. it's a bad country. not the people but the leadership. they export terrorism. lethal weapons are going to syria. they were willing to attack the saudi arabia ambassador in our country. >> analysts say netanyahu will likely seek a specific assurance from president obama before israel backs off their threats to attack iran. today the doors to a new geno's will swing oaf in perry hall. it is set to open at 11 this morning in the shopping center on honey go. the burgers and chicken was founded by former baltimore colt in 1958. the store is part of the plan to reenter the baltimore market. ten low craigs set to be opened. -- locations are set to be
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opened. commemorative coins will be unveiled at fort mchenry and sold to celebrate the bicentennial celebration. they will make 100,000 gold and 500,000 silver. the governor will attend the event beginning at 11 this morning. in an fort to keep the -- in an effort to keep the city's rec center safe they will introduce a identification system. the new pass will be available at the mount royal northwest and more a-- rec centers as cross the city. they are used for everyone ages 4 years and up. lawyers for convicted gunman sirhan sirhan filed court papers claiming a second gunman not sirhan fired the shots that killed robert kennedy in 1968. he is currently serving a life sentence in california. and his attorneys want him released and granted a new trial. those who support new york city police departments counter terrorism efforts plan to rally today to support the department. they have been criticized but
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muslim groups and politician after revealing they monitor muslims following the 9/11 attack. first lady obama will travel to kansas and is expected to speak at a luncheon this afternoon. she will travel to st. louis to speak at a dnc event. the critical issues facing two leaders is how to deal with iran. today governor o'malley will deliver the state's priorities to the maryland congressional delegation. time for one more check of the forecast with lynette. >> good morning. we are cold. check out baltimore right around 30 degrees. the further to the north and west you go we are in the 20s. 29 in hagerstown and 25 in york pennsylvania. looking at eastern shore into easton around 34 degrees. satellite and radar picking up on clouds moving into the area. we are still mostly clear to partly cloudy and will be mostly cloudy as we go into the
6:54 am
afternoon. here's the storm system still to the south of us. it's down into west virginia right now. and also into virginia. this will make its move off towards the east. a clipper system that's a fast moving system. and so, we could be clipped by it if it goes a little bit further to the north expect snow showers in here as we go through the rest of the morning. but if it stays on the track it is on aisleite will miss you go. something into southern maryland but no acoup laces whatsoever -- accumulations whatsoever moving tooquickly to move anything behind. future trend is picking up on what's going on. at 11, it stays to the south. around in southern maryland but well to the south of baltimore. and that's what i am thinking as we go throughout the day. but giving outheads up heading out and about. lots of sunshine will build in as we go into tuesday and wednesday. for today chilly mostly cloudy and breeze also pick up out of the north going more into the afternoon and evening and that he 46 is going to feel like the 30s. by tonight the 26 breezy and by
6:55 am
tomorrow the forecast still chilly. 47 but lots of sunshine. if you don't want the snow maybe it will turn out pretty -- pretty good. but look at the nice warmup going into the middle of the week especially on thursday and friday, a chance for more rain showers to move into the picture. now let's check the traffic with angela. >> reporter: good morning. we cleared the accident on the outer loop at 295. also, the accident southbound 95 at 32 is clear getting through the leftover delays southbound on i-95. traveling through the city, on 895, looking pretty good at child street we have slow traffic passing o'donnell street there. and it's going to be stop and go for those of you making the drive on 695 on the top side from i-95 through parkville. those delays are on the north side heading over to the west side make are way through pikesville this morning. all right. it's 6:55 and before we go, we will show you this video. check this out.
6:56 am
it's a giant pusser fish made of snow -- puffer fish made of snow. nearly 6 feet tall. outside a home in brighton, minnesota. >> teenage brosser created it for small. put a south fish in the mouth of big one and say -- mouth -- small fish in the mouth of the big one. the small fish i been side was for fun he didn't close -- inside was for fun. he didn't close his mouth and swallow. >> that -- they had a lot of time on their hands. >> and snow, too. >> exactly. we won't see a lot of snow for today if we get any. but we have the clipper to the south and if it goes further to the north we could get snow and i don't want anybody to be alarmed. it's possibility. >> okay. traffic and delays always awave she -- available. >> reporter: available on the website heading to the west side on the beltway southbound 795 southbound 83 on the approach you are on the brakes. >> time to go to new york.
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